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H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Hilary Bidmead on August 20, 2003, 09:37:00 AM »
Do you know the names of any survivors of HMS Curacao? My Mother's cousin was kiled in the accident. Thank you
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Jacques Dupuet on June 04, 2003, 05:54:56 PM »
I read the tragic story of the collision in 1965 or 1966 during a call in Hong Kong in a local newspaper (Souh China morning post ?). It was certainly written by a mariner with many details, bearings , curse of the ships, from hours until the last minutes before the collision. Officiers on the Queen sought the cruiser would manoeuver. On HMS Curacoa, they sought that normal rules were still in force...I regret but I lost the article. With my sincere sympathy to those who lost a family member. I have been in Mallaig (a place we all love in the family) but I was not aware of the HMS Curacoa crew members graves.
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Joan Pearman on May 23, 2003, 10:50:27 AM »
I have only just found this site - as starting to research my father's family, my uncle was a survivor on HMS Curacoa - so I sympathise with all of you who lost your relatives. Until now we still thought the ship had been torpedoed - so I am glad to have found out the actual truth - there is not much more I can say except again to sympathise will all of you.
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by George D. Salaita on May 07, 2003, 03:37:47 AM »
I have read that the Q. Mary carried anywhere from 25,000 to 10,000 soldiers. Any real figures?
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Christopher Arundell on October 06, 2002, 04:00:00 PM »
Many thanks to all who have made known via this, and other, Internet sites more facts concerning the events surrounding HMS Curacoa. (Particular thanks to Patrick Anderson). My interest is that my uncle P.O.George (Harry) Saywell was lost in the incident. He was the eldest (and only) brother of four sisters, one of these being my mother, Joan Agnes Arundell (nee Saywell). It is 60 years now since the incident and today, with my mother and other members of the family, I attended a service in Hull dedicated to my Uncle Harry and his shipmates (many were from the Hull area - we WILL remember them!). Thanks also to all in Scotland who apparently tend the graves in their various locations; perhaps one of those unmarked graves is that of my uncle.
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Shirley Camfield on September 18, 2002, 09:46:00 PM »
338 men were killed on 2nd October 1942 at 2.12 pm when the Curacoa was sliced in half by the Queen Mary, which didn't even stop for survivors. Most of the men on board Queen Mary were not even aware of the collision. They just felt a bump!!! My grandfather was one of those 338 men leaving at home his wife and 3 daughters (age 6, 3 and 3 months). The incident was kept quiet until well after the war because it was such a tragic error, all because the two captains didn't synchronise watches (amongst other reasons for the incident that were concluded at the very lengthy court case afterwards).
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Patrick Anderson on July 27, 2002, 08:06:00 PM »
re the sinking of the HMS Curacoa on 2 Oct 1942 when it was run down by Troopship Queen Mary I have recently found another named WAR GRAVE from the cruiser at GLENELG CEMETERY Argyllshire ( Chief Stoker Albert Wall from Dover). One named casualty from the cruiser must have been taken home to BANFFSHIRE (joiner George Hepburn) buried Gamrie New parish churchyard, Banff. The cemetery at Oban has many WW2 war graves RN, MN, RAF and unknown sailors too including some from the HMS CURACOA ( 2 named).
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Patrick Anderson on February 06, 2002, 07:47:00 PM »
Readers may have read my write-up in THE FAMILY TREE MAGAZINE for FEBRUARY 2002 in TOM WOODS pages and some may have seen my LETTER in the PRESS & JOURNAL (Aberdeen and areas ) on 1 February 2002 about the sinking of the HMS Curacoa. During December 2001 and January 2002 I had a short story in the CRAIGIE SECTION of the DUNDEE COURIER about the sinking and a month later in January 2002 a gentleman from Rattray near Blairgowrie wrote in saying that he was a wee boy on Rum when his father helped to bury bodies that came ashore on the island from the ship and these bodies were re buried in war graves in 1947. I have also found out that one of these bodies was taken home to STORNOWAY, Lewis for re burial. Readers may like to know about a book called SCOTTISH DISASTERS by DONALD M FRASER (1996) and a large chapter covers the sinking with photos too. (publishers are MERCAT PRESS, 53 SOUTH BRIDGE, Edinburgh. The missing sailors who have no known grave are listed on the ROYAL NAVY Monument to the MISSING for WW1 and WW2 at CHATHAM, KENT "we will remember them"
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Bob Woodward on February 05, 2002, 06:16:00 PM »
My uncle was lost on the Curacoa. I only yesterday read about the graves in the Skye area in the Feb edition of Family Tree Magazine. I have ordered a book from the library "Queen Mary and the Cruiser" by David Thomas and Patrick Holmes which deals with the tragedy. I also have two long articles from the Sunday Express in about 1967. If you do not get the information you are seeking perhaps I could help.
H.M.S. Curacoa / Re: H.M.S. Curacoa
« Last post by Willie Moir on January 10, 2002, 04:36:00 PM »
I stumbled across this site by accident while doing some research on HMS CURACOA. My grandfather was killed on her during this "accident". I would love to hear from anyone who can provide any more info on survivors or graves.
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