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Work began on collecting for the Mallaig Heritage Centre in 1985 and since then an impressive collection of photographs, postcards and other images illustrating the region's past and present has been assembled. Only a small percentage of these can be displayed in the Centre at one time, but further examples can be seen on this page and, Gallery Page 1 and in the "find-a-face" section.

Please remember that all these images are copyright: please contact us if you wish to use them in any way, so that we can put you in touch with the copyright owner.

Morar Church, 1910
Morar Church, about 1910
showing a gate across the road and the Rhubana ford
[view larger image : 45 kb]

Mallaig 1925
Mallaig, about 1925

an unusual view, taken from the Marine Hotel
[view larger image : 43 kb]
Inverie House
Inverie House

view along the shore towards Inverie House
[view larger image : 62 kb]

Bracara, 1935
Bracara, about 1935
looking east along Loch Morar from Bracara Post Office.
[view larger image: 52 kb]

Station Square, Mallaig
Station Square, Mallaig
[view larger image : 47 kb]

Mallaig 1902
Mallaig in 1902
[view larger image : 35 kb]

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