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Patrick Anderson

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Morar War Memorial
« on: September 17, 2006, 08:53:42 PM »
Last week I visited the War Memorial at MORAR that covers the parish area of Mallaig and Morar in relation to War Casualties for the Great War and also the 1939 -1945 Wars and I found that the Memorial Plaque for the Great War was in a poor state and was hardly able to be read even though it and the Second War Memorial Plaques are located in the Entrance arch of the Old Morar Cemetery at Morar .

Maybe the Morar Community Council could contact the Council to get the Great War Plaque re named so that visitors to the old Morar Cemetery could read the casualties names listed on it . The Friends of War Memorials based in London should also be contacted to see if they would help with the cost of the new Great War Plaque as they often assist with the cost of upgrading War Memorials in the UK . ( The Friends of War Memorials I think changed their name in the recent years but are still operating in assisting with the cost of upgrading Memorials of War in the UK )