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HMS Curacoa ; Crew Member: ch stoker A E Wall


Patrick Anderson:
Having researched the sinking of the CRUISER HMS CURACOA on2 Oct 1942 off Northern Ireland and the graves around Oban, Mallaig, Skye areas I checked the casualty list on the war graves index and found a casualty grave at KILCHOAN CEMETERY, GLENELG Inverness shire. I visited GLENELG near the Skye Ferry and found only Great War war graves but not the HMS Curacoa grave. Enquires with the residents too made no gain. I have now heard from the War Graves commission and KILCHOAN CEMETERY, GLENELG is in fact at INVERIE, ( just past Inverie and over a burn / bridge and the cemetery is there of CH STOKER ALBERT E WALL ,RN HMS CURACOA, 2 OCT 1942

Glynn Villermin:
I was told as a boy an uncle of mine was killed in ww2 when the queen mary cut his ship in i looked into this it wasn't the uss william as i was told (we even have a picture of uss william) my question is -was melvon nixon on the hms curacoa -if he was, why?

Patrick Anderson:
Ive checked the book Queen Mary and the Cruiser by David Thomas and Patrick Holmes ( 1997 by sword and Pen books Barnsley) and there is no one listed under the name of Nixon

Iris Stuart:
Have you visited the graves at Ashaig on Skye? I am getting interested in the HMS Curacoa as we run a bed and breakfast house near Ashaig and one of our guests visited the graveyard there on behalf of his 90 year old mother, who's first husband (not my guest's father) went down on the Curacoa and was washed up near here. There were seventeen crew members. I have been very busy, but plan to visit the cemetary when I have time


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