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Keith Fraser:
My Grandfather was on HMS Curacoa, when sunk in 1942 Fraser Francis Robert Marine ch/23185 Looking to contact any other relatives in Chatham who had loved ones on ship. My brother and I would like to reach any thing to do with this disaster, I am reading book called Queen Mary & the Cruiser do known any other books which we can read regards Keith Robert Fraser

Patrick Anderson:
There is another book on the Sinking of the Curacoa and its called SCOTTISH DISASTERS by DONALD M FRASER, published by MERCAT PRESS . (james Thin Publishers) 53 SOUTH BRIDGE, EDINBURGH EH 1 1 YS They have a web site

Len Chester:
I served as Royal Marine Boy Bugler aboard HMS Iron Duke 1939-1942, Commander Boutwood was then acting Captain

Cathryn Kiff:
I don't know anyone who survived, but I lost a relative on board too, Albert Tilley.

Pamela Ward:
My father, Able Seaman Ernest Ward, served on HMS Curacoa and was one of the survivors. After 2 hours in the water he was picked up by a local fishing boat and taken to Derry. My sympathies go to all of you who lost relatives and loved ones.

I am a professional singer and have recently recorded a song about this incident called "Sail On By" for a new CD album. It is dedicated to all the memory of HMS Curacoa and all those who served on her. My way of trying to help ensure that the tragedy is not forgotten. If anyone connected with this incident would like a CD then please contact me and I will send one free of charge. My website is


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