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Stuart Young:
I have on 2 occasions over the past 20 years been able to visit Mallaig the home of my grand father. For a New Zealander these visits to the homes of our forebears are special occasions in deed. Regretably when one is young one does not value the family history that gets lost with the years. I am trying to obtain any information about my forebears. Murdoch McKinnon & Catherine Robertson he was an overseer in the railway construction and died in Mallaig in 1938 she died soon after my grand parents and mother visited from New Zealand in 1939. They had several Children John my grandfather, Alex who ran the store at Morar for many years,Angus who worked on the railway,Annie,Flora,& Katie who I undestand for many years collected the insurance money around the district. On my first visit I enjoyed meeting Katie and her widowed sister Flora. I would appreciate any subsequent information on them. Would any photo's exist of the original builders of the railway? as we have never seen a photo of Murdoch? I look forward to in future years being able to again visit the majestic land of my forebears.

Christine Ramsay:
Hi Stuart,

I don't kow if there's any connection but my Grandmother's sister, Catherine Ferguson married a Morar man William (I think) McKinnon. This would be in the early 1920's. They had 2 children Donnie and Murdo who now live in Glasgow. I remember Donnie saying his aunts had worked in the Morar shop. He also told me his father put up the original wooden cross on the hill in Morar. Hope you can find a connection

bye Christine

Just thought I'd post, for anyone interested, that it turned out that the originator of the message , Stuart Young and myself did turn out to be distantly related! The Murdoch McKinnon and Catherine Robertson he mentions, were my father's first cousin's Grandparents!

Thanks to this notice board, I've been able to add to my family tree!


Stuart Young:
Re MacKinnon's, message for Christine Ramsay. I have now proven a more direct family link Willaim was indeed the Brother of John, Donald, Alex,Angus, Flora,Annie & Katie. I would appreciate hearing from you my email address is or 121 Kereone Rd, RD 1, Morrinsville New Zealand


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