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Hello from New Zealand

Started by Veronica Evans, August 12, 2000, 08:37:00 AM

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Veronica Evans

To all my old friends in Mallaig, It's been nearly 40 years since I left for New Zealand, but I am still a Mallaig village girl at heart. When I left home for the final time I was 19 years of age, but am now the mother of 5 children (four daughters - Marie, Angela, Jacqui, and Roni-Anne, and a son Robert (named after Robert Hannah), and am married to Maurice. My regards to my friends - the Smith family, the Johnson family, Bunty McDougall (nee Muir) and family, and all the other friends I knew in the village. To the friends left in Mallaig a hello from New Zealand. I am staying for a week at Angela's home in Auckland, helping her with her twins - Hannah (named after May Hannah) and Keegan. Angela has been reading me an excerpt from her diary of her and Michael's travels and their 4 days spent in Mallaig with you all in '93; with Bunty, Christine King, Charlie and 'old Charlie', Alan Johnson and people they met, and how welcoming everybody was to them. It brought back lots of memories for me. As old Rogie Gillies would say "the Mallaig people are the salt of the earth". If anyone would like to drop us a line please send a message to my daughter's email address. "Haere Ra" from New Zealand - Veronica Gillies

Patricia Mitchell

Dear Veronica,
I found your name on the Noticeboard of Mallaig Heritage Centre Home Page. I have been researching my Macdonald heritage, and my great-grandfather's mother, Catherine McDonald, married Angus/Andrew Gillies and bore him two daughters. I have come into a blank wall because there is no baptism certificate for John Francis McDonald who was born about 1835, whose father's name was John, and mother's maiden name was Catherine McDonald. The two Gillies daughters' certificates are included in church records. Catherine and Angus/Andrew (depending on which records one reads) must have married soon after John's birth, possible late 1837. I hope you may have some answers, but if not, it would be good to hear from you. We love the Mallaig area when we visited it two years, and would dearly love to return.
Regards, Patricia and Shaun Mitchell.

Bridget Taunton

Hello my name is Bridget
I have been living in Melbourne Australia for 21 years,have just found this address and saw your message. I was wondering if you knew my mother Bridget Gillies of Cameron Avenue Mallaig,she also left Mallaig just over 40 years ago.If you remember she was one of 12 children,her fathers name was Ronald,mums Kathleen.I was born in Mallaig myself now aged 44! I also have five brothers and sisters but only two others were born in Mallaig. I won't go on too much but would love to hear from you.
Regards Bridget.

Donnie MacKellaig

Well what a lovely way to spend an evening in rainy Auckland, New Zealand. I too am an ex-mallaig man, but unlike Veronica and yourself, I try to get back there often. My connection is with the MacKellaig's of Glasnacardoch. My father Dougie worked on the railway and his brother ran the haulage business. I am 44 now and been living here 16 years. I regularly keep up to date with the well-written Westword magazine.(email, westword@care4free.net). I occasionally hear from Archie Gillies, another x-mallaig man but now in Gisborne,Veronica's brother. We enjoy receiving visitors that venture out this far, and only too happy to show them "highland hospitality". Having just come back one month ago from a visit home, I too found the place looking tidier. It was my first time back during the summer months and really enjoyed fly fishing up the Lochs, also I'd forgotten how bright the evenings were. Well back to reality, drop a line if you feel like it.
Regards Donnie

Angus MacKellaig

Hi Donnie
I came across this site by chance and saw your 'email' .. thought I'd respond ... unlike you I've only been back to Morar/Mallaig once since I left 20 odd years ago ... and I live a dashed site nearer than you .. Do you remember the great help that you and your brothers were when you assisted with the barn conversion one cold winter .. I remember it well .. Michael Leonard was, as usual, in attendance keeping us right ... Hope you and family are well ... what news from the family in the west ?? .. I hear little now .. only odd snips from Hugh Grigor who remains in touch
Best wishes to you and yours Angus

Willie Mackinnon

Veronica, I remember you well, you won't beleave this I was just thinking about you's all Rogie, gave me many a haircut in the signal box in mallaig, we went to school togrther Andy...Archie...you 33 years since I left Mallaig Rogie was my sponser when I got confirmed in the church in mallaig.......Happy days playing in LOVAT TR reply to me if you get this
All the best Willie mackinnon

Jeanann Clare

Hi Veronica I have just returned from Morar after making bramble jelly. My cousin Maureen Sutherland and her mother Cathie moved out there two years ago and I make regular trips. All the rest of the clan are still in Mallaig. I hope you remember me. We used to spend the summers at my grans 7 Clanranand Terrace. Jean still lives there, she married Andrew Ritchie. I am comming to New Zealand in January to spend time with friends in Christchurch, so I would love to hear from you. I remember Andy and Archie so well. Take care of yourself


is anyone going to write a reply to JeanAnn please she's travelled all the way to New Zealand and was hoping to catch up with you expats here from Sunny Mallaig. We have a wee dram and we're waiting for you to put your fingers to those keys. Come on now you can do it!!


Well do I remember your mother Bridget and all her brothers and sisters, also her mum and dad. Your mother and I were in school together.
Jean Ritchie (nee McLean)

Ron Gillies

Hi there i was wondering if you would remember an alexander gillies that was married on a mary taylor that lived in malaig i think he had something to do with the railway??


Unfortunately our beloved Mum, the gorgeous Veronica passed away just over 2 years ago in January after a quick and nasty fight with cancer at 64. She was visited shortly before she died by an old friend from the village Hamish Smith, and it perked her up immensely. Since her 1st and last post she was given another grandson robbie (named after his uncle Rob, my brother) and Grandaughters Kasie, Lily and Maggie, despite her best efforts Mum did'nt make it to meet Maggie though she tried damn hard but we are pretty sure they had 3 wonderful months together before Maggie was born. If any one out there has any old stories of Mum we would dearly love to hear them, she was an incredibly special lady and is so sadly missed.


Hi, just came across this site by accident, I was born and brought up in Mallaig. I come from a family of seven boys and five girls.I left Mallaig over 40 years ago.I have two brothers left in Mallaig, George and Robert Gillies. The granddaughter looking to see if Ronnie Gillies was her grandmothers brother is correct, I believe there were 4 boys and 4 girls. There was Duncan, Danny, John, Ronald (my dad) Christina, Margaret, Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Angusina. Best wishes...