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Willie Mackinnon:
Veronica, I remember you well, you won't beleave this I was just thinking about you's all Rogie, gave me many a haircut in the signal box in mallaig, we went to school togrther 33 years since I left Mallaig Rogie was my sponser when I got confirmed in the church in mallaig.......Happy days playing in LOVAT TR reply to me if you get this
All the best Willie mackinnon

Jeanann Clare:
Hi Veronica I have just returned from Morar after making bramble jelly. My cousin Maureen Sutherland and her mother Cathie moved out there two years ago and I make regular trips. All the rest of the clan are still in Mallaig. I hope you remember me. We used to spend the summers at my grans 7 Clanranand Terrace. Jean still lives there, she married Andrew Ritchie. I am comming to New Zealand in January to spend time with friends in Christchurch, so I would love to hear from you. I remember Andy and Archie so well. Take care of yourself

is anyone going to write a reply to JeanAnn please she's travelled all the way to New Zealand and was hoping to catch up with you expats here from Sunny Mallaig. We have a wee dram and we're waiting for you to put your fingers to those keys. Come on now you can do it!!

Well do I remember your mother Bridget and all her brothers and sisters, also her mum and dad. Your mother and I were in school together.
Jean Ritchie (nee McLean)

Ron Gillies:
Hi there i was wondering if you would remember an alexander gillies that was married on a mary taylor that lived in malaig i think he had something to do with the railway??


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