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Unfortunately our beloved Mum, the gorgeous Veronica passed away just over 2 years ago in January after a quick and nasty fight with cancer at 64. She was visited shortly before she died by an old friend from the village Hamish Smith, and it perked her up immensely. Since her 1st and last post she was given another grandson robbie (named after his uncle Rob, my brother) and Grandaughters Kasie, Lily and Maggie, despite her best efforts Mum did'nt make it to meet Maggie though she tried damn hard but we are pretty sure they had 3 wonderful months together before Maggie was born. If any one out there has any old stories of Mum we would dearly love to hear them, she was an incredibly special lady and is so sadly missed.

Hi, just came across this site by accident, I was born and brought up in Mallaig. I come from a family of seven boys and five girls.I left Mallaig over 40 years ago.I have two brothers left in Mallaig, George and Robert Gillies. The granddaughter looking to see if Ronnie Gillies was her grandmothers brother is correct, I believe there were 4 boys and 4 girls. There was Duncan, Danny, John, Ronald (my dad) Christina, Margaret, Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Angusina. Best wishes...


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