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Jeanann Clare:
Hi John I hope you remember me. I'm not very good at this, but I was in NewZealand recently and tried to contact Veronica, no luck, I also sent a message to David Duncan, but I don't seem to have a response from him. So hear's hoping you respond Hope you are well Jeanann

David Duncan:
Hello to Belinda MacDougal,
Sorry I havent checked this site for a looong time.
My Sister Johnan now lives about 100yds from me near Fort William.
Write to me at duncandw@gmail and I will put you in touch

David Duncan:
Hi Jeanane, I apologise for not replying, but I havent checked this website for ages.
Sorry I dont immediately remember you, but then its been a long time.
however, I now live in Fort William as do my 2 sisters Johnan and Dorothy.
I imagine you were closer in age to Johnan.
If you are still checking this site,
email me at and I promise to get in touch

john macleod:
Hi Jeanann

,Are you still around?

John macLeod

Jeanann Clare:
Hi John, I was looking at the Mallaig web site to get some info for friends who are taking a trip in March. I had forgotten about the notice board as I have'nt been on the site for ages. I'm still in Northwich and my mum is very well. We go up to Mallaig twice a year, ME driving. I retired a LONG time ago,(worked for the right company). I had a rental business for many years and sold it this year so that's my pension fund.
I still have to contact David Duncan again. Hope you get this OK and I will try and remember to visit the site more often


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