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David Duncan:
I checked this site several months ago and was excited to read Veronica nee Gillies message I see she received 4 replies (ok 1 was mine) but since then nothing. I do remember her as a most energetic and attractive young girl with lots of personality. Still I really thought Mallaig would have more excitement by now than I read in the email version of the WESTWORD. (no disrespect Mrs Martin, I think you do a great job! Living in a backwater in the Bahamas I remember Mallaig as being an exciting place, maybe its just the usual case of the grass being greener elsewhere. If there is anyone out there who remembers the Duncans of 15 Lovat Terrace I would like to hear from them. Insults accepted too

john macleod:
Hi David, how are you doing?.You will remember me JOHN MACLEOD from MALLAIG.I sailed with you on the BENDORAN in 1968,happy days.I now live in Kilbarchan,Renfrewshire. John.

Jeanann Clare:
Hi David Do you remember me, we used to come to Mallaig every year for the summer. My Gran lived 7 Clanranald terrace and Jean still lives there. I remember the Duncans and the Gillies, I am going to New Zealand in the new year, and need to see if I can contact Andy, Archie and Veronica. I still go to Mallaig as all the relations are still there, bar Ruby Sutherland who is in America Hope all is well with you Regards Jeanann

Violet McKenzie:
Hello John are you the John MacLeod who lived at no9 Cameron avenue,if so John iwould like to hear from u and find out how you are doing.I now live in Preston Lancashire. Violet MacKenzie. 15 Cameron Avenue

Hello David, Hope you're still checking the board for messages.Have just discovered the site.We were neighbours in Lovat Terrace (no 12).Anthony and Stephen were great friends.My mother still lives in the same house, and colin and claire (youngest; you may not know her)are in the village as well.I have not strayed too far away (Perthshire)so I get back home quite often.Give my regards to the rest of the family.Is Jeananne still in the UK ? Belinda MacDougall


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