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Events and Notices / Meet the Author - Donald Murray
« Last post by Heritage Centre on August 31, 2013, 04:11:12 PM »
On Wednesday 25th September at 7pm Mallaig Heritage Centre is happy to host an opportunity to meet Donald Murray, poet and author of The Guga Hunters.

Donald's new book, The Guga Stone: Lies, Legends and Lunacies From St Kilda was published on 1st July. He will read both from this and ‘Weaving Songs’ at the event.

All Welcome - Free Admission
General / Arisaig Land, Sea & Island Centre
« Last post by Patrick Anderson on February 15, 2002, 08:45:00 PM »
I hear that there is an ARISAIG LAND , SEA & ISLAND CENTRE opened up in the very recent year or so . I hear that there is the ARISAIG ROLL OF HONOUR for the great War recording 23 of its young lads killed in that war out of the 125 that went off to war. Looking forward to visiting the centre this summer and to look at the WAR MEMORIALS too. Readers may know that there is an INVENTORY OF WAR MEMORIALS now at the IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM in LONDON now recording all the war memorials in the UK and the names listed too. Any War MEMORIAL they are recording..not only WW1 and WW2 even OUR FAMOUS BATTLE OF BANNOCKBURN in 1314 etc.
General / Memories
« Last post by Jenny Peers on July 02, 2003, 10:53:48 AM »
I have just returned to Australia after a trip to London and France and a flying visit to Mallaig in June 2003. I was fortunate to spend about two years in Mallaig during '85 and '86 and discovered the friendliest people and the most beautiful surroundings. Those things drew me back for a whirlwind trip which saw me travel for a day each way to get there and back, and then one day in Mallaig rekindling old friendships. To say the trip was eventful is an understatement. I slept through the changeover of trains at Edinburgh and ended up in Aberdeen! The train broke down on the way back and we sat in a siding most of the night! I lost my coat on the way and that was a major disaster (the weather is not very kind up there in the Highlands). Anyway, to spend 24 hours in Mallaig was a brilliant experience and to revisit and see all the changes over the years, has been fantastic. Mallaig will always be very special to me and the friends I have made, will always be close. Jenny Peers
General / Rescue on Tuesday 8th July
« Last post by Ken Crocket on July 17, 2003, 09:43:33 AM »
On behalf of Veronique, the rescued crew member of our yacht, Hecla II, and the rest of us, I would like to thank the lifeboat crew for their very timely and helpful stretcher carry down the path to the head of Loch Nevis. It turned out that the girl you took to Mallaig had, in fact, broken her tibia and fibula. From Mallaig she was taken to Ft William, and from there, believe it or not, helicoptered to Ninewells in Dundee, near where she lives. I know that she is extremely grateful, and as for the rest of us, a tiring carry was enlivened by your good cheery conversation. I am also certain that there will be a donation going to the RNLI. Best wishes and take care at sea, Ken Crocket
General / Colonel Sir David Stirling, OBE,DSO ( founder of SAS Regiment)
« Last post by Patrick Anderson on August 16, 2003, 11:53:05 AM »
I hear that the founder of the SAS Regiment Colonel Sir David Stirling, Scots Guards & SAS is buried at Morar having had his funeral at ST CUMIN'S CHURCH on the shores of Loch Morar. His grandfather built it. Col Stirling died November 1990 the son of Brigadier General Archibald Stirling of Keir ( His Mother being Hon Margaret Fraser a daughter of Lord Lovat). Ive just recently found a wonderful statue of Col Stirling on the DOUNE to BRIDGE OF ALLAN road ( B 824 ) . He is in army uniform looking north to his ancestral lands. No road signs at present for this magnificent statue of him in his 6ft 5 inches height. Well recommended to visit it if that area of Scotland.
General / Hope to come back soon
« Last post by Reagan Grimsley on June 18, 2004, 06:44:07 PM »
Greetings! Congrats on the updated website. During our visit to the area last June, we discovered this hidden gem on the coast of Scotland. As a person who studies local history it is great to see the unique history of this region of Scotland being preserved and shared. We very much enjoyed the Heritage Center and hope to visit again soon. R. Grimsley Columbus, Georgia USA
General / Inventory of war memorials UK
« Last post by Patrick Anderson on November 06, 2005, 07:54:53 PM »
Readers of this site may be interested to know that the Inventory of War Memorials at the Imperial War Museum in London has a new web site relating to the War Memorials of the UK and everyone can log into the site and find details of the various war memorials in a certain town , village , hamlet etc . The memorials can be outside or inside buildings such as windows etc and includes Cross of Sacrifice at war graves in a graveyard or cemetery in the UK . The inventory are wishing details to update the UK index such as sculptor used for the memorial , dimensions , unveiling date and who by , details of the memorial itself, also details of the names etc listed on the memorials and details of the wording on the memorial as well and any postcards and photos too would be useful for their inventory

The index relates to War Memorials going back centuries including Bannockburn in 1314 , Jacobite , Boer War , Great War , etc

the index can be found at
General / Morar War Memorial
« Last post by Patrick Anderson on September 17, 2006, 08:53:42 PM »
Last week I visited the War Memorial at MORAR that covers the parish area of Mallaig and Morar in relation to War Casualties for the Great War and also the 1939 -1945 Wars and I found that the Memorial Plaque for the Great War was in a poor state and was hardly able to be read even though it and the Second War Memorial Plaques are located in the Entrance arch of the Old Morar Cemetery at Morar .

Maybe the Morar Community Council could contact the Council to get the Great War Plaque re named so that visitors to the old Morar Cemetery could read the casualties names listed on it . The Friends of War Memorials based in London should also be contacted to see if they would help with the cost of the new Great War Plaque as they often assist with the cost of upgrading War Memorials in the UK . ( The Friends of War Memorials I think changed their name in the recent years but are still operating in assisting with the cost of upgrading Memorials of War in the UK )
General / Re: HM Drifter Premier sunk 15 Jan 1918
« Last post by Patrick Anderson on November 10, 2011, 03:49:33 PM »
The Aberdeen & NE Scotland Family History Society journal published my 4 page article this month of November 2011 in their journal No 121 .

General / Re: HM Drifter Premier sunk 15 Jan 1918
« Last post by Patrick Anderson on September 20, 2008, 10:09:54 PM »
Found the Newspaper report in the Oban Times : ANOTHER U BOAT CRIME :

A large German submarine encountered in the NORTH SEA the PREMIER , a small unarmed drifter ( fishing vessel) . The U boat at once opened fire on the little craft, a vessel of only 89 tons wiht her two guns and capsized the fishing boat . The submarine temporily retired , but returned and saved the crew hanging on to the bottom of their vessel . She then made off , leaving her victims to their fate . ONE MAN was killed and ONE BADLY INJURED , but the remainder were subsequently rescued after a period of terrible suffering. The weather was bitterly cold and it was snowing heavily .


Seems that the WAR OFFICE have moved to location of the sinking from Loch Eynort off the Isle of Skye to the NORTH SEA ................
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