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Family History / Re: Gemmel
« on: April 13, 2009, 01:51:19 PM »
Hi mary long time , i have spent ages trying to find any one who might know them but no luck,iam going up to mallaig in august,i have seen a picture of uncle ian on this site when he was at school but no records of the rest i have been on friends united for years but that was no good even tryed the papers at staines to try and trace toms kids but again no joy,a few years ago i spoke to a lady from the scottish heritage something or an other and she said that they would help ,but work took over and it was a year later and she was no longer available,so i left it for 2/3 years but i would like now to know more about her and the rest of them.
if you want you can contact me on07832246975or my home number 01525 381203 if not all the best

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