Mallaig Lifeboat
Log for 2018

Information for these pages is sourced from WestWord, local newspaper for West Lochaber

Monday 8th January
Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 06:35hrs to the Isle of Muck. An infant was experiencing seizures and paramedics were conveyed to attend to the child. One scene at 07:25hrs the medics were taken to the child's location and child assessed. Once the assessments were concluded it was decided to take the child back to the mainland for further investigation. Once the medics, infant and his mother were aboard the Lifeboat departed Muck at 08:30hrs. Arriving at Mallaig at 09:25hrs the child and mother were conveyed to Belford Hospital, Fort William by ambulance.
Lifeboat ready for service at 09:45hrs.

Sunday 18th February
Launched at 07:39hrs by Stornoway Coastguard to the assistance of the cargo vessel GEC Universe. Kyle of Lochalsh ILB also launched to the casualty. Whilst on passage north through the Kyle Rhea narrows the cargo vessel lost steering, with her rudder jammed hard to port. Unable to proceed any further the cargo vessel quickly deployed her anchor. Fortunately the tide was slack at the time and the anchor was holding well. On scene at 08:14 Mallaig Lifeboat berthed alongside the casualty assisted by the Kyle crew who were also alongside after their relatively short journey to the Narrows and briefed Mallaig on the situation. On speaking to the Captain it was decided to remain in position and monitor until a tug could be sourced to assist with towing.
After a while whilst the Coastguard organized the sourcing of a tug the tide was noticeably getting stronger with the ebb going south. This started to put strain on the anchor, causing the fully laden ship to veer across the tide. Stornoway Coastguard informed both Lifeboats that a tug from the BUTEC base in Kyle was preparing to put to sea to assist in towing the casualty.
As the tug approached the top of the Narrows GEC Universe's anchor lost its grip in the ever-increasing tide and began to drift down between the two slipways at Glenelg and Kylerhea. Mallaig Lifeboat slipped her lines and proceeded upstream of the casualty taking the strain on the tow rope which had been prepared earlier should this situation develop. Kyle ILB proceeded onto the casualty's port side and began to push the casualty to starboard away from the shore. Between both Lifeboats the casualty was held in position long enough for the tug SD Kyle of Lochalsh to take up position on CEG Universe's port quarter and make her lines fast. With all three vessels applying power the casualty was slowly taken up tide retrieving its anchor as it went along.
Once the casualty's anchor was retrieved Lifeboats and tug increased power and started to make headway up the Narrows until out of the worst of the tide. On entering Loch Alsh into caln water the tow for Kyle proceeded at a comfortable 6 knots without incident. CEG Universe was berthed at Kyle railway pier at 12:00hr. much to everyone's relief.
After a refreshment break at Kyle lifeboat station Mallaig Lifeboat proceeded back at 12:50hr: to Mallaig berthing and fuelled ready for service at 14:24hrs.

Friday 23rd February
Launched at 07:35hrs to the assistance of CY70 Minch Harvester by Stornoway Coastguard. Whilst on passage north in the Sound of Sleat the trawler’s prop was fouled by some rope. Unable to free the obstruction, the casualty informed Stornoway CG of their predicament and the Lifeboat was duly launched to assist. Or scene at 08:00hrs the tow rope was passed to the casualty. Once secure the casualty was towed to just outside Mallaig harbour. The casualty was then brought alongside the Lifeboat for the final leg into the harbour. Casualty moored at the pier at 09:50hrs.
Lifeboat back on the pontoon ready for service at 10:00hrs.

Sunday 1st July
Launched by Stornoway Coastguard to undertake a shore search of Loch Brittle, SW Skye at 13:40. An elderly gentleman had been reported missing from Glen Brittle campsite. This gentleman had last been seen in the early hours of Sunday morning and concern was raised when he had not been seen by early afternoon. Along with Coastguard teams, Rescue 948 from Stornoway and the Lifeboat a thorough search was undertaken of the coastline of Loch Brittle. At 16:10 all assets were stood down as the gentleman had been traced to his home address in Edinburgh.
Lifeboat departed scene and berthed and fuelled at Mallaig at 17:30.

Saturday 7th July
Launched by Stornoway Coastguard to assist Ambulance crew in recovering an elderly man from his yacht at Arisaig Marina at 21:23. As the Lifeboat cleared the harbour Coastguard stood down the call as another vessel had taken the casualty ashore to the Marina pontoon. Lifeboat ready for service at 21:45.

Saturday 14th July
Medivac from cruise ship at Knoydart pier.

Sunday 15th July
Tasked to search for overdue/lost kayaker who had started out from Ardtoe pier.

Monday 16th July
Search for Man missing overboard from fishing vessel in Loch Hourn.

Sunday 15th July
Tasked to search for overdue/lost kayaker who had started out from Ardtoe pier.

Sunday 15th July
Tasked to transport Fort William Police and Armadale doctor to Canna to collect a deceased person.

Thursday 19th July
Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 17:40 to Loch Scavaig, Isle of Skye to assist an injured walker on a coastal path. A lone female walker had fallen and injured her ankle and was unable to continue along the path. Fortunately another party of walkers came upon her and raised the alarm. One of the group was an off-duty Coastguard officer from Northern Ireland who managed to contact a local charter boat which was able to give relay of the casualty position and other information required. The Coastguard also dispatched Rescue 948 to the scene as well. As the Lifeboat approached Strathaird Point, Rescue 948 was already on scene and had its winchman on the ground attending to the casualty. As the casualty was in an accessible area the winch man did not need assistance from the Lifeboat crew to deal with her recovery to the Helicopter. Rescue 948 repositioned over the casualty and minutes later the casualty was on her way along with the winch man up into the Helicopter.
Rescue 948 headed for Broadford's MacKinnon Hospital with the casualty and Mallaig Lifeboat returned to base berthing at 19:40, ready for service at 19:50.

Saturday 11th August
Launched to convey Paramedics to the Isle of Eigg at 20:20 by Stornoway Coastguard. A female had suffered a laceration to her leg. Alongside the slipway at Eigg at 20:55 the Lifeboat was met by local Coastguards and first responders who had brought the patient to the slipway. Once the handover was complete the patient managed to board unassisted and the Lifeboat departed Eigg at 21:00. Lifeboat docked at Mallaig at 21:30 and patient taken by medics to Fort William's Belford Hospital for further treatment.
Lifeboat fuelled and ready for service at 22:10.

Tuesday 14th August
Launched by Stornoway Coastguard to convey Paramedics to Loch Nevis at 21:50. A young female attending the Adventure Centre at Ardintigh Point had sustained a head injury. After contacting a Doctor by telephone it was decided that she should be evacuated to Hospital for further assessment. Arriving on scene at 22:10, the casualty was taken by tender from the shore to the Lifeboat. Once on-board the casualty was assessed by the medics on the return journey back to Mallaig. Able to walk unattended to the ambulance the casualty was taken to Belford Hospital for further treatment.
Lifeboat made ready for service at 22:40.

Friday 17th August
Launched at 16:25 to the assistance of a RIB in Sleat Sound by Stornoway Coastguard. The RIB on passage from Rum to Mallaig issued a Mayday call after taking on water. The crew managed to keep the water level down in the engine compartment by using the hand pump. By the time the Lifeboat launched the RIB had only about a mile to run to get to the harbour so the Lifeboat escorted the casualty into the Marina. Once alongside the crew checked over the craft as to ascertain where the water was coming in. The RIB was later lifted out of the water and the source of the leak was found to be a joining tape that delaminated between the hull and the sponson.
Lifeboat ready for service at 17:05.

Wednesday 22nd August
Launched to the assistance of a broken down RIB at 18:30 by Stornoway Coastguard. Whilst on passage to Glenelg from Mallaig the RIB broke down off Doune on the Knoydart Peninsula. Unable to regain power the RIB contacted the Coastguard for assistance. On scene at 18:45 the RIB's occupants, two adults and a child, were brought onboard the Lifeboat then a tow line was attached to the RIB and it was towed back to Mallaig. Once alongside at the Marina in Mallaig the casualty and its crew were handed over to the local Coastguards at 19:22.
Lifeboat ready for service at 19:31.

Tuesday 11th September
Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 18:30 to recover a stranded person and dog from an island near Traigh Golf Course. A woman staying at a local holiday cottage had walked out onto the island with her dog and spent some time exploring unaware that the one of the biggest Spring tides of the year was on the flood. The casualty managed to attract the attention of a local family nearby who informed the Police who then informed the Coastguard who launched the Lifeboat. On scene at 18:55 in very fresh squally conditions the Lifeboat was able to enter the channel next to the island and launched the Y- Boat in fairly sheltered conditions rather than out in the open. The Casualty and her dog were quickly located and transferred ashore to awaiting Coastguards. With Y-Boat recovered and secured aboard the Lifeboat left the location at 19:15.
Lifeboat moored and ready for service at Mallaig, 19:35.