Mallaig Lifeboat
Log for 2016

Information for these pages is sourced from WestWord, local newspaper for West Lochaber

Tuesday 5th January
Fishing vessel Guide Us: Launched at 20:20hrs to the assistance of the fishing vessel Guide Us by Stornoway coastguard. Whilst on passage North to Mallaig, Guide Us suffered engine failure off Ardnamurchan Point. The local trawler Contest tendered assistance and took the Guide Us under tow, but due to having no method of pumping other than her engine, Guide Us began to fill with water from a leak discovered in her hold. It was decided to heave to and request assistance from the Coastguard who launched the Lifeboat. Once alongside the casualty, the Lifeboat transferred onboard two salvage pumps which quickly had the bilges in the hold and engine room dry. With Guide Us alongside the Contest and Lifeboat a tow was commenced for Mallaig. With a calm clear night good time was made and Guide Us was berthed alongside at the steps to await high tide and beaching at 01:20 on Wednesday morning.
Lifeboat ready for service at 01:20hrs.

Tuesday 12 January
Inshore Creeler Sith CY 9: Launched to the assistance of the small inshore creeler Sith CY9 by Stornoway Coastguard. Whilst hauling creels in choppy weather the battery of tyhe Sith had come adrift and broken the relay box controlling the engine management systems thus rendering the engine inoperative. The skipper immediately deployed the anchor as he was close to a lee shore. Calling the Coastguard via mobile phone the skipper informed the Coastguard of his predicament. Underway at 11:20hrs the Lifeboat reached the Sith at the Back of Keppoch at 11:50hrs. Due to the state of the tide and the close proximity of rocks and skerries the Y-Boat was deployed with two crew to assist. Once the Y-Boat reached the casualty a tow rope was passed over and made fast to the Sith which was taken under tow out into deeper water. The Lifeboat then took the Sith to Arisaig Harbour entrance where due to low water the Y-Boat was again used to finish the job and took the casualty into Arisaig Marina.
Lifeboat back in Mallaig at 14:20hrs.

Wednesday 13th January
Missing Kayaker: A request from Police Scotland through Stornoway Coastguard and the Local Operations Manager had Mallaig Lifeboat launched to search for a lone Kayaker reported missing in the Traigh area of Arisaig. A local off duty police officer had spoken to this person before he embarked for his paddle. The officer had advised this individual not to proceed to sea as daylight was fading and an offshore wind was blowing. Concerned as to the person's safety, the officer returned some time later to find no sign of the Kayaker or his craft. He reported his concerns to his superiors in Police Scotland who instigated the search through the relevant channels. Along with the Lifeboat, Coastguard Helicopter and Coastguard shore teams searched the area north and south of the Traigh whilst the Lifeboat searched offshore along with the Helicopter. At 22:45 the Lifeboat was stood down along with the other assets until first light the following morning.

Thursday 14th January
Missing Kayaker Resumed search for missing person in the Traigh area of Arisaig at 06:28. Along with Coastguard Helicopter and shore teams the Lifeboat searched the Traigh and Keppoch areas for the missing Kayaker. The search was extended over to the Isle of Eigg and then up to the Sleat Point. A parallel line search of the Sound of Sleat was also carried out to no avail. At 15:35 the Lifeboat was stood down followed by the other agencies. Shore teams would resume a shore search of outlying islands the following day. Lifeboat fueled and ready for service at 16:30hrs.

Sunday 17th January
Missing Kayaker: Request from Police to carry out further search for a the missing Kayaker. An outside body, Cefas, had predicted a set and drift for the Police as to where they thought that the Kayak may have drifted. This location was to the east side of the Isle of Rum. Due to the terrain it was thought best to have this area searched from the sea. This area was searched along with the shores of the Sound of Sleat and the east side of the Isle of Eigg to no avail.

Thursday 21st January
Local ferry Venturer: Launched at 18:45hrs by Stornoway Coastguard to the assistance of the local ferry Venturer. Whilst on its final run of the day the Venturer suffered engine failure in Loch Nevis. With a strong southerly wind the Venturer was being set towards the shore of Glaschoille Bay. Fortunately staff at the nearby fish farm heard the Venturer call for assistance and sent one of their workboats to assist. As the Lifeboat entered the loch the fish farm boat had established a tow and was pulling Venturer to deeper water. The Lifeboat took over the tow and delivered the Venturer to Inverie Pier where the vessel was made secure and its passenger disembarked.
Lifeboat back at Mallaig and ready for service at 20:15hrs.

Sunday 24th January
Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 21:02hrs to convey Paramedics to the Isle of Muck. A female resident of the island had been suffering severe abdominal pains and was to be transferred ashore for treatment. On arrival at Muck the medics were met by locals who had conveyed the casualty to the pier. After examination it was decided that the patient should be transferred directly to hospital by helicopter. Rescue 951 was dispatched from Inverness and arrived at Muck shortly before midnight, guided in by local Coastguards. Once the patient had been handed over, the medics returned to the Lifeboat.
Lifeboat departed Muck at 00:25hrs and returned to Mallaig where it refuelled and was ready for service at 01:40hrs.

Sunday 31st January
Conveying Police to Inverie: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 01:25hrs to convey Police to Inverie. Arrived on scene at 01:50hrs and landed two police officers Departed Inverie at 02:35hrs after Police had carried out their investigations and returned to Mallaig. Lifeboat ready for service at 03:00hrs.

Saturday 13th February
Search for Missing Kayaker: Whilst ON1250 was on a bimonthly exercise in the Loch Hourn area, Stornoway Coast guard requested the Lifeboat to assist in the ongoing searches for a missing Kayaker. The Lifeboat searched from Arisaig Estuary to the mouth of Morar River but nothing was found. Lifeboat returned to Mallaig at 15:00hrs.

Monday 15th February
Medivac from Isle of Eigg: Launch at 18:05 to convey paramedics to the Isle of Eigg to transfer an unwell gentleman back to the mainland. Once the Lifeboat berthed at Eigg, the casualty, who was able to walk assisted, was taken onboard. Departed Eigg at 18:55 and berthed at the pontoon at 19:35 hrs. Patient was transferred to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness by ambulance crew. Lifeboat ready for service at 19:45hrs.

Wednesday 3rd March
Fatality: Staff at the Lifeboat station received an emergency radio call from the Knoydart ferry stating that they had located a person in the water near to a drifting vessel close to the entrance of Mallaig Harbour. The Coxswain immediately requested Stornoway Coastguard to page the crew. With the crew had assembled, the Lifeboat backed out of the pontoon. The ferry had now taken the casualty on board and had proceeded to carry out CPR assisted by local fish farm workers who also rendered assistance from their own vessel. Since the Lifeboat pontoon was now vacant the ferry was requested to berth there by Lifeboat crew to allow easier access for Paramedics, Police etc. Meanwhile the Lifeboat proceeded to sea and brought the casualty's boat back to the Marina. Unfortunately despite everyone's best efforts the casualty could not be revived.
When the body had been taken ashore the lifeboat returned to the pontoon at 16:30hrs and made ready for service.

Friday 25th March
Fatality on Isle of Rum: Following a request from the Coastguard, the lifeboat was launched to assist with the recovery of a body discovered on a difficult to reach part of the shore on the Island of Rum. There was a delay in departing for the incident as the two officers from Police Scotland who were to be transported to the scene had to come from Fort William. Arriving on scene the Lifeboat was unable to access the area of the shore and launched the Y-boat to enable recovery. Two crew members, along with a constable from Police Scotland went ashore and with the assistance of Rum Coastguard personnel placed the body into an ambulance pouch and recovered it to the lifeboat. The Y-boat was recovered and the Lifeboat proceeded back to Mallaig. The body was handed into the care of Police Scotland and the lifeboat was refuelled and ready for service at 15.30 hours.

Wednesday 30th March
FV Jacqueline Anne: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard to the assistance of the Fraserburgh registered fishing vessel Jacqueline Anne which had grounded on a reef at the north end of Rum at 18:10hrs. Arriving on scene at 18:55 hrs. the Jacqueline Anne was found to be hard aground by her stern on the reef. Fortunately the tide was on the flood. The Lifeboat managed to get close enough to the casualty's bow to pass the tow rope over to the trawler. The Lifeboat maintained a constant pull on the tow rope and with the aid of the rising tide Jacqueline Anne floated free of the reef and was towed clear into deeper water at 20:00hrs.The trawler's crew carried out their own inspections of the vessel and found no ingress of water and all machinery functioning as it should be. The tow was dropped and Lifeboat escorted the trawler for a while to make sure all was in order. With the Skipper satisfied that he would make Mallaig unassisted the Lifeboat proceeded back to Mallaig and was made ready for service at 22:00hrs. Jacqueline Anne berthed safely in Mallaig at 21:40hrs.

Thursday 7th April
Kyle Rhea Ferry: Launched to assist Kyle Lifeboat in the recovery of the grounded Kyle Rhea ferry by Stornoway Coastguard at 13:45hrs. Whilst the Lifeboat was pulling off the berth the Coastguard notified the Local Operation Manager that the ferry had managed to get their passengers ashore and that Kyle Inshore Lifeboat was attending on scene. The ferry crew were happy to remain aboard and await the rising tide to float the ferry clear. Lifeboat reberthed and ready for service at 14:30hrs.

Monday 11th April
Paramedics to Isle of Eigg: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 11:05 hrs to convey paramedics to the Isle of Eigg. A young lady had come off her cycle whilst descending a hill on the main road on Eigg and had sustained a head injury. On arrival at Eigg at 11:40 hrs. the First Responder met the Medics from the Lifeboat and conveyed them to the location. Unfortunately the young lady had a nasty cut to her head which would require stitching. For this to be done it meant returning to the mainland onboard the Lifeboat with the Paramedics. The young lady was accompanied by a friend back to Mallaig arriving at 12:45 hrs. Lifeboat ready for service at 13:00hrs.

Monday 11th April
Missing crewman: Requested by Coastguard to wait for low water and search around Mallaig harbour with the Y-Boat for a missing person. A crewman from a workboat had not been seen for two days and Police were concerned for his safety and his whereabouts. The Y-Boat carried out a thorough search of the inner and outer harbours without success. Y-Boat reboarded at 17:30hrs and Lifeboat returned to pontoon. Police are continuing with their enquiries.

Saturday 30th April
Sinking Vessel: A fishing vessel was reported to be lying heavy in the water alongside a pier in Mallaig Harbour. By the time the crew assembled the vessel had sunk. The Lifeboat stood down but the crew remained on scene to assist Coastguard and harbour personnel to clear other vessels from the area and deploy pollution equipment.

Friday 13th May
Medivac: Launched at 06:18 by Stornoway Coastguard to transfer paramedics to Sandaig Bay, Knoydart. A female who was holidaying in a seaside cottage was suffering from severe abdominal pains and was in need of urgent treatment. Stornoway Coastguard had also dispatched Rescue Helicopter 915 from Stornoway. Once on scene at 06:22 the paramedics were transferred to the beach using the Y-boat. Shortly afterwards Rescue 915 landed on the foreshore next to the cottage. Once the medics had carried out their assessments the casualty was stretchered to the helicopter for transfer to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. The local paramedics were transferred back onboard the Lifeboat and once the Y-Boat was recovered the Lifeboat returned to station and was berthed ready for service at 07:40hrs.

Saturday 14th May
Medivac: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 18:50hrs to conveypParamedics to Inverie, Knoydart. A 71 year old male who was holidaying in Inverie was suffering from chest pains and was in need of medical attention. Once the Lifeboat arrived at Inverie the medics walked the short distance to the cottage beyond the pier. The medics attended to the casualty and after carrying out their assessments it was decided that he did not require transfer to Mallaig. Lifeboat returned to Mallaig and was ready for service at 20:00hrs.

Sunday 15th May
Fishing Net Fouled by Large Object: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 17:22hrs to go to the assistance of a fishing vessel. Whilst fishing off the west coast of Skye the vessel had picked up a large boulder in one of her nets. The skipper proceeded to tow the fouled net towards shallow water in an attempt to "bump out" the boulder on hard ground. During this operation one of the ropes attached to the net got fouled in the propeller leaving the vessel disabled and anchored by the large boulder. Once on scene an hour later the Lifeboat attached a tow rope to the vessel and commenced towing the casualty towards Carbost in Loch Harport, Skye. Progress towards Carbost was painfully slow due to towing the casualty and the boulder still in the net. The Coxswain and the Skipper decided to attempt to "bump out" the boulder again in the shallow water at the mouth of Loch Ainort. Once a depth of 20 meters was achieved to everyone's relief the boulder did fall, thus leaving the casualty able to retrieve her nets back onboard and the tow commenced for Carbost at a reasonable 6 knots. The vessel was berthed in Carbost at 21:20hrs to await a diver to clear her fouled propeller. Lifeboat returned to station, refuelled and was ready for service at 23:55hrs.

Tuesday 17th May
Fishing vessel Atlantis: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 17:20hrs to the assist the fishing vessel Atlantis. The potter was hauling gear on the west side of Rum when the Skipper noticed a burning smell coming from the engine room vents. Opening the engine room hatch the Skipper found the engine room full of smoke and heat from the vessels alternator. The bearings were failing and the drive belt was slowly disintegrating. Mindful that he was on a lee shore the Skipper cut the gear rope and steamed offshore before the belt failed. After trying to jury rig the cooling system with twine and rope without success the Skipper contacted the Coastguard to report his predicament. On scene at 18:20hrs the Lifeboat passed over the tow rope and made for Mallaig via Canna Sound.

Saturday 21st May
Possible Human Remains: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 13:40hrs to locate possible human remains in Loch Eishoit, Skye. After an extensive search of the area nothing was found. Logged as a false alarm with good intent and the Lifeboat was stood down and returned to Mallaig berthing fuelled and ready for service at 16:45hrs.

Sunday 29th May
Suspected Drowning: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 02:40 hrs to the Isle Oronsay area. The Coastguards received an emergency call from staff at a local hostelry reporting that two persons were overdue from a yacht anchored in Isle Oronsay Bay. Four people from a visiting yacht had spent the evening at a local Hotel and after midnight decided to return to their yacht. Owing to the size of their dinghy this would have to be done in relays. The first two set off for the yacht using oars. Alter an hour or so had passed the party left ashore became concerned that no-one had returned to collect them at the pier. To add to matters they were sure that they could hear somebody call for help in the distance. They returned to the Hotel and alerted staff to their concerns.
Two male members of staff found a torch and headed for the pier. After listening for a moment they indeed could hear someone calling for help and a small light flashing in the distance. Immediately returning to the Hotel they notified the Coastguard who in turn launched the Lifeboat and scrambled the Coastguard Helicopter from Inverness Returning to the pier the two staff members, one being an ex-fisherman, located a local man's dinghy with an engine and sped off into the bay to render assistance.
They located the two yachtsmen, one holding onto a rope at the stern and the other holding onto the anchor rope of their yacht at the bow. The men in the dinghy managed to pull the casualty at the stern, who was stiff with the cold, onboard first. Unable to get the second casualty out of the water for fear of capsizing their own dinghy, they decided to hold on to the second casualty until the Lifeboat arrived. Moments later the Lifeboat drew alongside and launching their Y-boat to recover the second casualty out of the water. Both casualties were taken onboard the Lifeboat, now in the throes of severe hypothermia.
They were immediately stripped of their lifejackets and wet clothing within the Lifeboats wheelhouse. With them now wrapped in blankets, jackets, fleeces anything that would preserve or generate heat, the Lifeboat quickly reboarded the Y-Boat and sped for Mallaig at maximum power with the crew tending to the casualties keeping them awake and reassuring them their ordeal was about over.
Arriving alongside at 03:30 hrs the Lifeboat was met by two ambulances who transferred the casualties to the Belford Hospital in Fort William. One Casualty was released later that morning and the other kept in overnight for observation. An intense couple of hours service where training and good communication resulted in a successful outcome.
Lifeboat ready for service at 04:30 hrs.

Monday 30th May
Paramedic from Isle of Eigg: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 14:40hrs to convey paramedics to Isle of Eigg. A female visitor to the island had been reported by the island's First Responder to be suffering from severe abdominal pains and sickness. Once alongside at Eigg the patient was attended to by paramedics at the jetty. Once she had been assessed by the medics she was brought onboard the Lifeboat for transfer back to the mainland. The patient's condition had improved by the time she arrived back at Mallaig. Casualty was further attended to at the local surgery. Lifeboat ready for service at 16:30hrs.

Tuesday 31st May
Stranded Anglers at Loch Nan Uamh: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 14:15hrs to the assistance of two kayakers in the water in Loch Nan Uamh. It was initially reported that two persons from a kayak were in the water, but as the Lifeboat proceeded to the scene it transpired that they were stranded on an island. The two persons involved had been sea angling at the roadside and decided to paddle to an island a short distance off shore to fish. They used an inflatable sit-on-top canoe to paddle the short distance to the island. Landing, they dragged the canoe up the rock but alas did not secure it or take it high enough not to be reached by the flooding tide. As they enjoyed their afternoon's fishing they were surprised to see their craft floating by and heading out into the loch with the offshore breeze. Rescue 951 from Inverness was exercising in the area and flew over the island and located the casualties. As they were not in any danger and the Lifeboat only a mile away they proceeded back to base. As the Lifeboat approached the inflatable canoe was spotted and recovered. Once at the island two crew in the Y-Boat went and picked up the two anglers and delivered them ashore to the Coastguards waiting at the side of the A830 along with their craft.
Y-Boat reboarded and Lifeboat proceeded back to Mallaig, being fuelled and ready for service at 16:30hrs.

Wednesday 1st June
Medivac from Isle of Muck: Launched at 14:50 hrs by Stornoway Coastguard to convey paramedics to the Isle Of Muck. A woman on a yacht at Muck had fallen whilst disembarking onto the pontoon and landed on her arm and shoulder. First Responders on the island attended to the woman who believed that her arm was broken below her shoulder. Arriving at Muck at 15:4O hrs the Lifeboat berthed at the pontoon adjacent to the yacht. The paramedics attended to the casualty onboard the yacht administering pain relief. As soon as the medics were ready the casualty was able to walk assisted from the yacht to the Lifeboat, the Lifeboat departed Muck at 15:50 hrs berthing at 16:50hrs in Mallaig. The casualty was then transferred to the Belford Hospital in Fort William for treatment.

Monday 11th July
Missing Hillwalker on Isle of Rum: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at O9:45hrs to convey Coastguard and Mountain Rescue personnel to the Isle of Rum. An ongoing search was under way from the previous evening by local Coastguards assisted by the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter on the Isle of Rum. A 17 year old male was overdue from a walk in the Kinloch area of Rum. As the casualty had not been located by early morning the Coastguards called in teams from the mainland to assist in locating this individual along with personnel from Lochaber Mountain Rescue. As the Lifeboat approached Rum harbour reports were received that a young person had been spotted on a beach to the north of the Island. A party of kayakers spotted the youngster on a beach on the north coast of the island. Unable to make contact with Coastguards via their own radio they managed to relay their information to a local trawler fishing nearby who notified the Coastguards. The Rescue Helicopter was diverted to the area and picked up the casualty. Cold and bedraggled but none the worse for his ordeal, the youngster was flown back to Kinloch on Rum to be reunited with his parents. Lifeboat and search teams stood down and returned to Mallaig berthing at 11:45hrs.

Saturday 23rd July
Whilst acting as safety boat during the annual trawler race during Mallaig Maritime Day the Lifeboat was tasked at 15:15hrs to the assistance of an elderly lady. Stornoway coastguard received a call from a person at Isle Ornsay who was concerned that his elderly mother had set out in the tender to row to their yacht out in the bay and that she might not have the strength to finish the journey. Departing the scene of the race the Lifeboat was on scene in 15 minutes. Thankfully the lady had made it to the yacht safe and well. The first informant and his partner were being ferried out to the yacht by another yachtsman in his dinghy. With the situation resolved and no harm to anybody the Lifeboat was stood down. Before returning to Mallaig the Lifeboat recovered the race course markers which the crew had set out the evening before. Lifeboat ready for service at 17:00hrs.

Monday 8th August
Missing Yacht Maverick of Clyde: Asked by Stornoway Coastguard to search the anchorages to the North of Mallaig to locate an overdue yacht. Departing the harbour at 13:O5hrs the Lifeboat checked the anchorages at Isle Oronsay, Sandaig and Loch Nevis. No trace was found of the yacht in these localities and the Lifeboat returned to station at 15:00hrs.
Yacht finally located off the east coast of Skye two days later.

Wednesday 10th August
Sailing Dinghy in Trouble: A phone call to the station from a member of the public alerted the crew to a drifting craft at the Back of Keppoch, Arisaig. The first informant believed the vessel to be dragging its anchor towards rocks. After going through the necessary channels the Lifeboat was launched to investigate. Arriving on scene the Y-boat was launched with two crew onboard to check out the vessel. Fortunately just before the Lifeboat arrived the owners had managed to borrow a dinghy and retrieved their craft back to the shore. With no damage sustained and all safe and well the Lifeboat returned to station.

Monday 15th August
Machinery Failure on Yacht Andante. Mallaig Lifeboat was requested to launch by Stornoway Coastguard to assist the 34ft sailing yacht Andante> positioned east of the Isle of Soay. Yacht had suffered engine failure and was not making way under sail due to wind and tide. Mallaig Lifeboat launched and proceeded to the yacht's position where a tow line was passed, secured and the yacht was towed to Mallaig Harbour without incident. Upon arrival at Mallaig Harbour the yacht was secured alongside Mallaig Lifeboat for entry and berthing. At this time one of the yacht's crew suffered seizure like symptoms and collapsed in the yacht's main cabin. 3 Lifeboat Crew members transferred to the yacht to perform casualty care. Once the yacht was berthed at the marina in Mallaig Harbour, the female casualty on the yacht was transferred into the care of the Scottish Ambulance Service.
Mallaig Lifeboat was then released by Stornoway Coastguard, refueled and made ready for service.

Sunday 21st August
Assisting Police Scotland: Mallaig Lifeboat was requested to launch by Stornoway Coastguard at the request of Police Scotland to assist with the removal of a male from a fishing vessel berthed in Mallaig Harbour. Due to the location of the vessel, tidal conditions and nature of incident, removal by lifeboat was the safest option for all persons involved. Due to the nature of the incident, Mallaig Lifeboat launched with minimal crew on board (including the LOM) as well as two Police Scotland Officers. Once on scene one Police Officer boarded the fishing vessel to assist his Police Scotland colleagues who had already restrained the casualty. Casualty and one Police Scotland Officer were transferred from the fishing vessel to Mallaig Lifeboat without incident and Mallaig Lifeboat returned to her berth with casualty and two Police Scotland officers. Once casualty and Police Officers had been landed, Mallaig Lifeboat was shut down and made ready for service.

Tuesday 23rd August
Misinterpreted Distress Call: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard to investigate a DSC message received by a yacht. The position of the transmission was given as one mile to the east of Sleat Point. On scene at the position were two local prawn creelers who relayed to Lifeboat that they were all safe and well and had not issued any DSC call accidentally or otherwise. Moments later the Coastguard received updated information that the DSC had been misinterpreted by the first informant, rather than being a distress call it was actually a test call.
Lifeboat returned to station at 09:30hrs and made ready for service.

Tuesday 23rd August
Fishing Vessel Fraoch Gael: Launched at 05:00hrs to the assistance of the fishing vessel Fraoch Gael by Stornoway Coastguard. Whilst on passage to the north of Ardnamurchan Point the Fraoch Gael's engine failed due to fuel starvation. The crew tried to rectify the problem but without success. The skipper radioed the Coastguard for assistance who then requested the Lifeboat to launch. On scene at 05:50hrs the Lifeboat passed a tow rope and had the casualty under tow by 05:53hrs. Alongside at 08:30hrs in Mallaig, the casualty was safely moored in the inner harbour to await repair to a faulty fuel pump.
Lifeboat fuelled and ready for service at 09:00hrs

Sunday 4th September
Grounded Pleasure Craft: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard to the assistance of a pleasure craft that had grounded east of Mallaig at 15:40hrs. A local pleasure craft was returning to Mallaig from Loch Nevis when it struck a rock just west of Earnsaig Point. The sole occupant attempted to beach the vessel but she began to flood rapidly. Before he abandoned to the life raft he managed to contact a friend ashore by mobile who duly informed the Coastguard before the vessel sank. Once on scene the Lifeboat was about to launch the Y-boat when one of the crew arrived on scene with his own boat and recovered the casualty and the life raft back to the Lifeboat. Rescue Helicopter 948 which had been exercising in the area also arrived on scene but was stood down as not required. The Lifeboat conveyed the casualty back to Mallaig berthing at 16:20hrs.The vessel was later salvaged that evening and lifted out of the water for damage assessment.
Lifeboat fuelled and ready for service at 16:30hrs.

Tuesday 6th September
Fishing Vessel Claytonia: While the Coxswain, Mechanic and other crew members were at the lifeboat station, a conversation broke through on the station's VHF between the creel boat Claytonia and Stornoway Coastguard. The catamaran Claytonia was reporting that they had taken onboard water in their starboard hull and that they could not get access due to the hatches being under water. As the vessel was fishing in the Sound of Sleat, it was obvious that the Lifeboat would be tasked to assist. With that in mind the crew in the station were already in on their way to the Lifeboat before the pagers were activated. Three further crew responded and the Lifeboat was underway to the casualty at 11:O0hrs.
Once on scene the Lifeboat found the Claytonia listing heavily to starboard. The only hatch that could give access was indeed inches below water and rendered any pumping operations out of the question. It was decided to attempt to get the casualty to Mallaig Harbour under tow in the hope of saving the vessel. Once the tow rope had been attached the two crew were brought on board the Lifeboat and the tow for Mallaig commenced. Shortly after commencing the tow the Lifeboat was joined by another vessel, the Spindrift which had also responded to the casualty's call for assistance.
As the tow approached the harbour it could be seen that the list was increasing and that items of equipment were being washed off the vessel. The Spindrift, which was shadowing the casualty, recovered items that were floating away. Unfortunately, when only half a mile from the harbour the casualty capsized to starboard but did not sink due to enough air being trapped in the hulls. On consulting with the Harbour Authority the Lifeboat was advised to bring the upturned hull into the outer harbour.
A fish farm workboat berthed at the pier was prepared to attempt recovery with their crane once the Lifeboat berthed the casualty alongside. Unfortunately the workboat could not get good tying points on the hull of the upturned craft. The Harbour Authority had in the meantime organized the boatyard's crane and divers to assist and by early afternoon the Claytonia had been righted, pumped out and lifted onto the pier for damage assessment and repair.
Lifeboat fuelled and ready for service at 12:50hrs.

Wednesday 14th September
Powered Boat Failure: Launched at 18:50hrs by Stornoway Coastguard to the Loch Harlosh area on the west coast of Skye. A person ashore at the village of Roag on the shores of Loch Harlosh reported to the Coastguard that he had sighted a small vessel showing a distress flare out in the Loch. As the Lifeboat proceeded to the scene it was reported by the Coastguard that another vessel nearby had responded to the vessel which had set off the flare. The casualty, a small vessel with two persons on board, was now under tow towards shore and no further assistance wass required.
Lifeboat stood down at 19:39hrs and returned to Mallaig, berthing at 20:30hrs.

Tuesday 20th September
Medivac from Isle of Eigg: Call to transport ambulance personnel to Eigg to attend a person with a severe head injury. Patient attended to and transferred back to Mallaig to a waiting ambulance for further transport to hospital in Fort William.

Monday 3rd October
Car Ferry Glenachulish: Launched to assist Kyle Rhea Ferry Glenachulish at Kyle Rhea narrows. A member of shore based staff at the slipway reported that the ferry had broken down on a mooring with 5 cars onboard along with passengers. After conferring with the Coastguard both Mallaig and Kyle Inshore Lifeboats were launched to assist. Before the Lifeboats arrived at the casualty's location, the ferry had managed to affect repairs and was able to continue to the slipway and disembark both cars and passengers. With the situation under control both Lifeboats were stood down and returned to base.
Lifeboat ready for service at 16:35hrs.

Friday 14th October
Medivac from the Isle of Eigg: Launched at 14:55hrs to convey a sick person from the island of Eigg to the mainland. Ambulance control asked for assistance to convey a person with chest pains to the mainland from the Isle of Eigg. Two paramedics travelled on the lifeboat to assist the patient with the transfer. Once on Eigg the Lifeboat was met by the island's first responders who conveyed the Medics to the casualty location. Once assessed the casualty was brought to the Lifeboat and conveyed back to Mallaig. The patient was taken to Fort William's Belford Hospital for further treatment by the Ambulance crew. Lifeboat ready for service at 16:30hrs.

Thursday 20th October
Trawler Independence: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 10:10hrs to the assistance of the local trawler Independence. Whilst in the course of fishing operations six miles to the West of Mallaig, Independence suffered engine failure. Under advice from a shore based engineer the crew were advised not to attempt to restart the engine for fear of causing further damage so the Skipper notified the Coastguard of their predicament. The Coastguard requested the Lifeboat to tow the vessel back to port. On scene twenty minutes after leaving the harbour the lifeboat was alongside the Independence in perfect calm conditions. Owing to the favorable conditions the Lifeboat took the Independence alongside and after assisting to slip her gear proceeded for Mallaig. Berthed at 12:10hrs at the Fish Pier where the local Coastguard team assisted with mooring the casualty and the Lifeboat at the pontoon.
Lifeboat ready for service at 12:30hrs.

Thursday 27th October
Medivac from Inverie: Requested to launch at 09:00hrs by Stornoway Coastguard to proceed Inverie with Paramedics to attend a female suffering from abdominal pains who was then conveyed to the mainland for further assessment and treatment. On scene at 09:15 with two medics on board the Lifeboat and was met by the casualty and partner. Once the casualty was boarded the Lifeboat returned to Mallaig. Lifeboat ready for service at 09:45hrs.

Tuesday 15th November
Medivac from Isle of Eigg: Launched by Stornoway Coastguard at 15:15hrs to the Isle of Eigg to convey a sick person back to the mainland. On scene at Eigg at 15:55hrs, the Lifeboat was met by the casualty at the pier. Once on board the casualty was handed over to the paramedics who had travelled over on the Lifeboat. The casualty was assessed and made comfortable for the journey back to Mallaig on what was a scruffy afternoon. Once back in Mallaig the paramedics took the casualty to Fort William's Belford Hospital for further treatment. Lifeboat ready for service at 16:50hrs.